Visa to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Officially accredited agency since 2014

What do you need to know to apply for visa?

General information to know before applying for visa
  • 2-3 working days
    Period of visa issuance
  • English/ Arabic
    Application can be filled in English or Arabic languages
  • Passport
    For all members of the family including children
  • Ready visa
    When visa is ready we will inform you via email or phone call
  • Immunization record card
    To apply for iqama visa children need immunization record card
“ORIENT EXPRESS SERVICE”LLP is officially accredited agency by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Astana, Kazakhstan. Since 2014

Citizens of Kazakhstan, as well as citizens of other countries, can contact ORIENT EXPRESS SERVICE for a visa to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Please read carefully the following information before visa application:
  • 1
    All visa applications are considered on an individual basis, so the Embassy has the right to request for additional information/documents at any stage of processing the application.
  • 2
    The fact of acceptance of the application is not a guarantee of issuing a visa to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (hereinafter referred to as KSA) Applicants who apply for visa to KSA) should be aware that the KSA Embassy has the right to refuse to issue a visa without any explanation. Before the trip to the KSA, citizens of Kazakhstan and other countries are required to have a valid visa to the KSA.
  • 3
    None of the entry points to Saudi Arabia issue visas to citizens of Kazakhstan and other countries, upon arrival in the country.
Visa application center has no responsibility for cancellation or delay of visa issue process.
  • 1
    The issuance or denial of a visa is the decision of the Embassy. In case of refusal, the Applicant will be informed.
  • 2
    Visa application center is not responsible, for visa denial.
    Visa application center has no responsibility for any material losses of Applicant
    such as air tickets, ban on exiting the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan , or other facts that do not let Applicant or members of his/her family to go to KSA.
Service fees are not refundable in case of visa denial.
  • 1
    The applicant is solely responsible for compliance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when organizing a trip, including such possible requirements as medical insurance, police certificates, etc.
Citizens granted a visa to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must comply with the following requirements:
  • 1

    Comply with rules and laws.

  • 2

    Respect Islamic customs and traditions.

  • 3
    Do not import any drawings with obscene images or with political signs and symbols prohibited in this country.
  • 4
    Do not import any type of drug (according to their law, the death penalty is provided for attempting to import any type of drug into their territory).
  • 5

    Do not stay in this country after the expiration date specified in the visa.

The applicant verbally and in writing, when filling out and signing the application form, confirms that he/she has read and understood all the rules and regulations and subsequently will not have any complaints.

In case of refusal of the visa, only the amount of consular fee for the visa is returned to the Applicant, and the cost of mandatory insurance and service fee are not refunded.

Visa to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Astana

SINCE 2014


Type of visas
Visa fees
Service fees
Business visa – Single entry for 90 days
Business visa – Multiple entry for 365 days


Business visa
Residence visa
Government visit visa
Organization visit visa
Educational visa


Family visit visa – Single entry for 90 days



Family visit visa – Multiple entry



Fees are pointed in USD dollars and include:
  • 1
    Visa fees- price for visa pointed by the Embassy of KSA (in case of a visa denial visa fees are refundable)
  • 2
    Medical insurance for visa
  • 3
    Service fees
Extra fees starting from 30 000 KZtg
  • 1
    Document translation
  • 2
    Legalization/ apostille of documents
  • 3
    Courier services to Astana from other cities

How do we work?

We receive the necessary package of documents from you.
We organize competent translation.
We submit documents to the embassy and advise on terms of receiving finished documents.
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Main advantages

  • 1
    We are an officially accredited agency for visa services and legalization of documents at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Astana, as well as with extensive experience in working with the countries of the Persian Gulf, namely the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait.
  • 2
    Professional assistance in obtaining a visa to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait and legalization of documents to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.
  • 3
    Own staff of experienced translators.
  • 4
    Individual approach to each client.
  • 5
    24/7 support and assistance.
  • 6
    More than 10 years of work experience.
We help you to expand the borders of your opportunities

Necessary things to be taken for a trip

Passport, money (credit card), phone, legalized documents and originals of documents
Sunscreen cream, painkillers, personal belongings
Personal Care
Hygienic lipstick, toothbrush, wet wipes, paper napkins, toothpaste.
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