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Government/organization visit

Visa requirements:

1.Passport+ copy of the main page.

2.Passport should have IIN in the middle and valid at least 6 months from the date of applying documents for a visa.

3.For visa, at least 2 blank pages in the passport are required, without stamps and seals.

4.Application can be completed in written or printed form.

(Application should be printed two sided, with the signature as in passport).

5.On a separate letter, indicate the full address of Inviter and contact phone numbers of the inviting party as well as P.O BOX, ZIP CODE.

6.Two new color photos with size 4×6 on white or light background.

7.The passport should not be torn, glued or has damaged pages.

8.Letter of Invitation is valid only 30 days.

9.Letter from work should be on Company’s Letterhead in English or Arabic and have the following information; BIN of the Company, Occupation should be the same as in Letter of Invitation, Name of Company in Saudi with full address of the Company in Saudi, Purpose of the visit to KSA, stamped and signed In letter from work, job title should be written in bold and underlined.

10.All documents should be provided with copies.

11.Power of Attorney on the name of our representative to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.