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1.How long does it take to process a visa?

The standard time for issuing a visa if all documents are correct  is approximately 2-3 working days

The term for issuing a Resident /Work visa is increasing, due to the legalization of documents in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 2. What language should I use to fill in application?

Application can be filled in English or Arabic languages.

 3. How can I know that my visa is ready?

Representative from our Company will contact you via email or phone call

4. What kind of medical form can be used to apply for Work/Residence visas?

 Embassy has special form of Medical Check list you can download it from site

5. Is it necessary to have a separate passport for a child?

Yes, everyone who applies for visa to KSA should have his/her own passport

6.Is it necessary to have immunization record card for a child

Yes, to apply for Resident visa child has to have immunization record card.

7. Is there a tourist visa to KSA?

  There is no tourist visas to KSA only pilgrims’ visas Umrah and Hajj.

8. How to apply for Umrah and Hajj visas?

Our Company doesn’t work with pilgrims’ visas.